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Channel Navigator (CN) is a dynamic business intelligence tool for IT and telecom sales and marketing professionals to identify and connect with North American business partners including Agents, Consultants, Resellers (VARs), and Service Providers. CN provides you with 40+ IT specific fields for detailed filtering of and reporting on 40,000+ company headquarters with 140,000+ validated contacts, including CEOs, CTOs, Engineers, Marketing, and Sales. The parent company, Fossa LLC, is dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive, up-to-date IT solution provider information on the Web.

Database Highlights

Company Headquarters: 43,206

Cloud Solution Providers - 21,492
Managed Service Providers - 10,067
Mobility Solution Providers - 4,276
Networking Solution Providers - 21,650
Security Solution Providers - 24,590
Storage Solution Providers - 21,436
Telecom Solution Providers - 3,151
Virtualization Solution Providers - 8023


Contacts: 140,000+

Executive: 60,000+
Technical: 40,000+
Sales: 30,000+

Recent Updates

Cisco partners verified and 1056 added

Microsoft partners verified and 873 added

Rackspace partners verified and 107 added

Lexmark partners verified and 89 added

OKI partners verified and 103 added

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Navigator Solutions

Navigator for Sales: individual subscription access to the database to view accounts and contacts [more]

Navigator for Marketing: subscription access to the database with the ability to receive detailed account and contact lists [more]

Navigator for Enterprise: subscription access to the database for sales, marketing and management [more]

Navigator Custom: Company reports. contact lists and customer directed research


Getting Started

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