Channel Navigator is an efficient tool for identifying and targeting your channel. Here are a few ways sales professionals use Navigator to produce the results they want.

Target New Channel Leads and Prospects

  • Navigator gives you access to thousands of solution providers and ontacts to analyze based on 40+ fields through detailed filtering.
  • Get an ongoing stream of new prospects with the information necessary to connect with them.

Benefit from Single Source for Business Plan Information

  • With business, partnership, financial, and customer details, Navigator can give you in-depth information that is not available from any other single public source.
  • Accelerate the business planning process.

Identify Competitive Business Relationships

  • Navigator researchers draw from multiple sources to aggregate the partners a reseller wants to transact business, many of whom are not published on the Internet.
  • Access to this information in one place can save you hours of surfing the Internet trying to identify it yourself.

 A COMMODORE monthly subscription starting at $99 allows you to:

- Access detailed account profiles

- Review contact information

- Create custom filters



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