Channel Navigator is an efficient tool for identifying and targeting your channel. Getting the marketing, sales and other departments of your organization working from the same "play book" with a synergistic tool can elevate your enterprise to the next level in channel development. Here are few ways enterprises use Navigator to produce the results they want.

Target New Channel Leads and Prospects

  • Navigator gives you access to thousands of solution providers and contacts to analyze based on 40+ fields through detailed filtering.
  • Get an ongoing stream of new prospects with the information necessary to connect with them.

Jump Start New Channel Sales Organization

  • Based on management-selected criteria, we can deliver prospects and the contacts necessary to hit the ground running.
  • Enables management to direct recruiting efforts and increases productivity through less time researching and more time meeting.

Analyze Your Channel Versus the Competition's

  • Use the Navigator to determine what partners are not selling your solution and who they are working with.
  • Gain valuable insight into the portion of business you generate with partners and where growth opportunities lie.

An ADMIRAL annual subscription for a company allows it to:

- Access detailed account profiles

- Review full contact information

- Create custom filters

- Save account and contact lists

- Create custom reports

- Receive or Download lists

- Establish role-based access for team members

- Be assigned an account manager

- Receive custom research consultations


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